Self & Peer Assessment

I’ve been researching and trialling various ways of implementing Self & Peer Assessment in an easy and manageable way.  So far, we’ve had great results and feedback from our learners on our Self Assessment processes and resources, but I wanted to extend that to peer assessment also.  In order for peer assessment to be more meaningful, I wanted some aids to help advise/instruct my learners on how to give meaningful, purposeful feedback.

This page was borne out of my quest to improve peer assessment and self assessment in my classes and is therefore a collection of resources I have created, accumulated, sourced, shared, abandoned etc etc and thoughts on how, why, when to apply them.  I’d be happy to have your thoughts, discussions, feedback on whatever you see here.

How To Peer Assess

How To Self Assess

Peer Marking Agreement

Peer Marking Bookmarks


Responding To Marking

Highlighting Key Features (EBI)

Highlighting Key Features (Peer)

Highlighting Key Features (WWW)

peer assessment


2 Responses to Self & Peer Assessment

  1. Would you be interested in writing an article about your experience of using Self- and Peer Assessment in SCILT’s online journal (of which I am the editor)? You can read the most recent issue here:


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