I’ve been using GoAnimate4schools for a few years now.  If you’re not sure what it is all about, here’s a short movie I made for a TeachMeet to introduce it:

When I first started using animated movies for teaching & learning I used Xtranormal (before its demise) then migrated to GoAnimate and subsequently GoAnimate4schools,  but I mainly used it for citizenship elective classes where the brief was to produce a short movie providing instruction or a moral message to younger learners about an issue facing young people in the school or local community.  You can see some examples here.

However, with a Curriculum for Excellence and a focus on HOTS in our lesson planning and delivery, I thought this would be a good vehicle for promoting creativity, team-working, presentation skills, communication skills and of course ICT skills.  So based on Métro 2 “On pourrait…”, the class created some short movies making suggestions of what they could do.  We started by learning and practising the vocab in class using “Talking Chips” and “Make A Date” Co-operative Learning techniques to get the class up on their feet and speaking French.  The consolidation homework task was to write a short dialogue using at least 5 of the new phrases covered.  In the following lesson, the learners  used the homework exercise to plan and draw a storyboard for their movie.  After that they worked in pairs on laptops to create their final product.  Ideally I would have liked the learners to record their parts and upload them, but we have firewall issues preventing this at present, so the learners typed up the dialogue and got the computer generated voices to deliver their scripts.  Of course, this was a good literacy activity as they had to really focus on accuracy of spelling and, in particular, accents in order to deliver the correct pronunciation.  To facilitate this we used typeit first, then copied and pasted into GoAnimate4schools.

The next stage will be for the original film-makers to create a few questions to go with their short movies and for the class to watch them and answer the questions, thus the whole project covers Reading, Writing, Listening and (in an ideal world) Talking skills.  Learners self-assessed and will peer-assess at the end of the project.  The class enjoyed this opportunity to be creative using ICT and to develop a variety of transferable skills.  Oh, and I enjoyed watching the results of their efforts.  Here’s an example of one of the (unfinished) movies:


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  2. Stephanie says:

    Hi. Stephanie from GoAnimate, here. Thanks for sharing this post! We love learning how teachers use GoAnimate for Schools in their classrooms and seeing your videos and your students’ videos. Let us know if we can ever help with anything!

    Happy animating!


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