Random Musings

A few days ago this tweet caught my eye and truly resonated with me:


Several years ago I embraced Co-operative Learning and after a slow start the realisation of the power of this methodology took hold.  The day I read this tweet I was stuck at home waiting for an emergency engineer to fix my central heating system.  Ordinarily I would not take time off for this but there was no-one else available.  I emailed cover work in for my classes and kept the school updated as to my anticipated arrival time.  For my S1s I knew my 2 S6 helpers would be in class offering in-class support and that there would be a learning assistant and a cover teacher.  But you still worry – is the work accessible?  Will they behave?  Will they actually learn anything without me there (admittedly, this is teacher arrogance at its best).  When I arrived I had to take time to pause.  With @mrkempnz’s tweet from the morning still fresh in my mind I looked round my class to see every pupil engaged with the work, discussing the work, helping and supporting each other, calling the S6s or the learning assistant over when they couldn’t figure it out by themselves and I was filled with pride.  Apparently, I have taught them very well.  All the attributes and the ethos I had been working to instill, the roles and responsibilities, the management of the classroom by the pupils were all there to be plainly seen.  I wasn’t needed at all.  My learners had come to school to learn, not to watch their teacher work, and they did a great job at it too.

2 Responses to Random Musings

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  2. Brent Hughes says:

    Brilliant! Wish there were more like you. The way children converse is in a dialect that teachers can’t even begin to try. I like to call it “kid speak”. It is a language that is foreign to anyone but their own peers. Kid speak can be class specific, school specific and even town specific but teacher’s can not join in. My personal goal as a teacher was to shut up and work hard on fostering the children’s opportunities and skills in delivering their own kid speak to one another…. get a group of 30 children doing that and just watch the learning that happens! (then take photos and tweet/blog/post it to the world….and email brent@matific.com so I can see it too)

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