Class Story by ClassDojo

ClassDojo has been working hard this summer to make things just that bit better and easier for teachers this year.  We’ve already had the addition of Groups, a fantastic new feature for promoting competition, teamwork and positive interdependence which I talked about here.  Now they have brought us Class Story.

Class Story in simplistic terms is a revamp of the broadcast messaging system with parents, but it is designed to make it simpler and easier for parents to engage with what’s happening in their child’s classroom.  It will seem, for those Facebook users among us, quite familiar in that it resembles a Facebook Wall but the class teacher will be in control of content.

You can read more about Class Story here.

I can’t wait to start using this with my classes, to quickly and easily share snapshots of classroom life will be great.  Modern Languages classrooms have changed so much, even in my 15 years teaching.  What parents often remember of their experiences in a languages classroom just doesn’t relate to how we do things now.  Class Story will be one small step to help parents connect with their child’s learning experience

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