Zondle & motivation

Today I finally had 5 minutes to check out Zondle Teacher Goodies.  I had my S3 Beginners’ German class, who are really motivated anyway, but as they are also an enthusiastic bunch, I thought I’d use them as guinea pigs.

If you don’t know what Zondle is, you can read my earlier posts here and a brief mention of its use in my lessons/reward system here.

I have a bag in a drawer of my filing cabinet fully of little rewards like bouncy balls, yoyos, post-its, pencils etc.  I added my Teacher Goodie of “Goodie Bag Lucky Dip”, set the target at 1000 Zollars, informed the class and sat back at watched the mayhem.

First of all, they couldn’t access the rewards and thanks to the forum pages I was able to quickly fix this so they could view their menu.  Then it just got bonkers!  My already motivated learners went into overdrive to get 1000, 2000, 3000 Zollars so they could redeem their reward and pick something from the Goodie Bag.

On the way out the class, one of them said to me “well it’s fairly safe to say I now know all the countries on the list in German”.  Job done, great fun, thanks Zondle!


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